Incentive Programs

Get a head start for the coming holidays...

Fall season has arrived and along with that comes cooler temperatures, bringing us much-needed relief from record-breaking hot temperatures this past summer.

No matter what the season brings, our mission is to help you enjoy better health - physically and financially. With the introduction of new (and improved) products over recent months, Xooma Worldwide has more to offer than ever before.

So, don't miss the opportunity to share Xooma with everyone you see. In addition to Xooma's Prosperity Plan, here's your opportunity to earn extra rewards for helping others get & stay healthy with Xooma. This promotion is available to all Active* Members of Xooma Worldwide. If you're not already a Member, get started today and join the fun.

Here's how it works...

STEP 1: Personally sponsor new Xooma Members from September 25th - October 31st
Your goal is to simply help people become a Xooma Member. With no kits to buy and no fees to become a Member, all it requires is that your new Member places a product order of at least $100.

STEP 2: Earn Personal Bonus Points for every new Member you sponsor AND MORE
You earn points for every new Member you sponsor. How many points you earn is based on the size of the order placed by your new Members when they join Xooma. The larger their order is, the more points you earn. In fact, you receive 3 points for every $25 (25 QV) in Xooma products purchased by your new Member when they join. (EXAMPLE: Sponsor a new Member with a $199 / 250QV order and you earn 30 points)

STEP 3: Your total points make you eligible for bonus money and prizes
At midnight (12:00am ET) on Tuesday, October 31, 2023 we'll total all Member's Personal Bonus Points. In addition to your normal commissions, Members who earn 60 points or more will receive one of several bonus prizes listed below.

Here is what YOU will earn:

-- Members with 60 - 119 Points will be awarded $50.00 in FREE Xooma products
-- Members with 120 - 179 Points will be awarded $125.00 in FREE Xooma products
-- Members with 180 - 299 Points will be awarded $200.00 in FREE Xooma products
-- Members with 300 or more Points will be awarded a $500 CASH BONUS

You have the entire month to earn as many points as you can, so don't delay in getting started!

*Must meet active member qualifications as described in Xooma's current Prosperity Plan

Your Xooma Corporate Team