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Insta Protex

Non-toxic, eco-friendly, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral cleaner & sanitizer

Our world is changing. Protecting ourselves and our family against viruses and other harmful microorganisms is now more important than ever before.

Sadly, most people are using toxic, chemical-based cleaners and sanitizers that kill on contact but do not provide any residual protection.

And when you read the human health hazard warnings on these chemicals, it can almost scare you as much as the viruses and bacteria themselves.

Thanks to a breakthrough discovery, you now have a safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly alternative with Insta Protex.

Insta Protex provides long-lasting protection against viral and bacterial threats in an eco-friendly way without the use of toxic chemicals.

Best of all, this powerful product is amazingly affordable. Order your Defense Kit today.

Key Benefits of this Amazing Product:

  • Lasting: Insta Protex remains active and effective on surfaces for up to 14 days after application!
  • Fast Acting: Sanitizes within 1 minute of application
  • Safe enough to be used on skin: Can be used as a hand sanitizer to help stop the spread of viruses or bacteria you touch. Forms an invisible shield on hands that lasts long after initial application
  • Convenient delivery and simple application: Insta Protex formula comes packed in small concentrated capsules that are dissolved and activated when mixed with water.
  • No heavy liquid bottles to buy: Saves money on shipping and eliminates risk of freezing or leaking. Convenient 4 oz. spray bottles are the perfect size for traveling or using in public
  • Eco-Friendly: This non-toxic, non-abrasive, water-based solution does not contain toxic chemicals and can safely be disposed into any sewage system. Insta Protex xapsules are designed to be added to re-usable, 4 oz. spray bottles and mixed with water reducing plastic waste, minimizing the impact to our environment
  • Multi-Purpose: Insta Protex liquid is effective on multiple hard and soft surfaces. Can be used to spray, swab, rub or soak contaminated surfaces, including plastic, wood, stone, leather, cloth, fabric, glass and metal
  • Independent Lab Tested & Verified: Multiple independent laboratory tests have been completed globally on this exclusive sanitizing formula

How To Use for Protection in 3 Simple Steps

Add Capsule
to Empty
Spray Bottle
Add Hot Water
and Shake
(Water will have pink color before becoming clear)
Apply and
Let Dry

Production Information

Insta Protex sanitizer is a non-toxic, stabilized blend of Hydrogen Peroxide and Crystalline Titanium Dioxide (Titansorb P).

Active ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical compound with the formula H202, commonly used as a cleaning and disinfecting agent. Crystalline Titanium Dioxide is a widely available compound that can be mined from minerals in the ground and is commonly found in food as whitening additives and in sunblock products. Titansorb P is a breakthrough absorbent with superior bacteria killing capabilities and can remove Arsenic (III & IV) Antimony, Cadmium, Lead, Uranium and other heavy metals from water.

Inactive ingredients: Potassium Pentasulfate, Sulfamin Acid, and Sodium Chloride.

This sanitizer does NOT contain toxic chemicals such as Aldehydes, Phenols, Alcohols, Iodophors or Formaldehyde.

For best results: Insta Protex (capsule) is activated by hot water and remains highly active in the bottle for 10 days. For best results, use/apply liquid solution within 10 days. Then, add new capsule to empty spray bottle to create fresh bottle of activated solution.