Eigth Ways to Get Paid

Cash-back value packages, Team commissions, Executive pay match,
Generational pay match, Rapid rewards bonus plan, Car bonus,
Leadership bonus pools and Direct sales.

  • Cash-Back Value Packages

    Earn $25 - $500 and qualify for additional income streams just for helping a new member get started with a Cash-Back Value Package. They get a great value and you earn great commissions.
  • Team Commissions

    The foundation of the Prosperity Plan is your Dual Team Organization. You can earn up to $15,000 per week through the Team Commission Pay Cycles.
  • Executive Pay Match

    Receive a 25% pay match of the weekly Team Commissions earned by your personally sponsored Members. The more you help your personally sponsored members succeed, the more matching bonuses you'll be eligible to receive.
  • Generational Pay Match

    Receive a 10% pay match of the weekly Team Commissions earned by up to four generations of members in your Sponsorship Organization. You could eventually earn hundreds or thousands of matching bonuses every month.
  • Rapid Rewards Bonus Plan

    Designed to help you earn money fast, this plan can pay you over $100 in commission with just 4 personally sponsored Members and $400 total sales volume in your business. It's like getting your personal products for free every month. And when you help those four people do the same, you can earn as much as $500 per month for this small amount of effort.
  • Car Bonus

    Imagine driving a luxurious new car of your choice for free. Once you qualify, you'll receive an extra $750 per month to pay for your dream car (or truck). You pick out the make, model, and color and we send you the bonus check to help pay for it.
  • Leadership Bonus Pools

    As a qualified leader, you'll earn quarterly bonuses from the sales of the entire company. 2% of our global commissionable sales is put into these lucrative bonus pools.
  • Direct Sales

    Earn profits of 20% to as much as 50% per sale. With our Preferred Customer Program, we do all the work and you earn a nice commission on each sale you make.