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Eight Ways to Get Paid

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#4 Generational Pay Match

In addition to your Dual Team Organization, the Members you personally sponsor help create a second organization called your “Sponsorship Organization.”
Generational Pay Match
Generational Pay Match

In your Sponsorship Organization, the Members you personally sponsor are placed on your first level (unlimited expansion). The Members they personally sponsor are placed on your second level… and so on.

Like the Executive Pay Match, the Generational Pay Match allows you to earn a matching bonus on the weekly Team Commission pay earned by Members in your Sponsorship Organization. In fact, you can qualify to earn a 10% pay match on up to 4 generations of Members below you.

The start of a “generation” is recognized when a Member in your Sponsorship Organization has reached the rank of National Manager or higher during a pay week.

The Generational Pay Match includes all Members in that leg of your Sponsorship Organization until our tracking system encounters another Member in the same leg who has reached the rank of National Manager or higher during a pay week cycle. That Member would start your second generation.

Your Generational Pay Match can create a significant amount of additional income in your business each week since a generation can represent large groups of Members as shown in the example.

*Xooma guarantees to pay a full 60% of the PV generated each week in the form of commissions to Members (one of the highest payout percentages in the industry). When in a particular week, the actual payout is less than 60%, the difference between the actual payout and the 60% goes into a special “carry-forward account” to be used as buffer for any weeks where the actual payout exceeds 60% (no breakage to the company – i.e. 100% of the commissionable dollars are paid to the field). This ensures that the full 60% in commissions get paid out to earning Members. If the weekly payout exceeds 60%, and there is no remaining volume in the carry-forward account, an adjustment is made to the commissions earned by each Member that particular week to keep the payout at 60%. This helps to ensure the long-term financial stability of Xooma’s Prosperity Plan and long-term stability of your business.

* Income Disclaimer: As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual efforts to build and grow a Xooma business. There are guarantees and assurances concerning the level of success and income you may experience. Your ability to attain the results shown in this example will be dependent on the time, energy and efforts you devote to your business.

Eight Ways to Get Paid