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Eight Ways to Get Paid

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#1 Rapid Rewards Bonus Plan

This lucrative bonus plan is designed to earn you money and rewards fast.
Cash Back Value

Imagine for a moment that your favorite grocery store decides to run a new sales promotion. The promotion works like this: if you simply visit the store any day this month and purchase $100-$110 in any groceries of your choice and then refer 4 people to do the same, then the grocery store will completely rebate your purchase back to you… thus, essentially giving you your groceries for FREE!

Rapid Rewards Bonus

Could you really imagine such a bold offer? Reports of this would spread like wild fire and there would be lines of people around the grocery store just waiting on the opportunity to get inside and take part! And yet, this is EXACTLY how Xooma’s “Rapid Rewards” program works! Which is why we so often hear of it being referred to by many other names such as “Get 4, Get FREE” or “Get 4, Pay No More”. And as those names would imply, this bonus plan is designed to help you earn money and rewards fast. To participate in this plan you need to personally move (use, sell, or sample) 100 Rapid Rewards Volume (RR) in Xooma products each month and simply sponsor 4 Members into your business who are also moving a minimum of 100 RR in products each month. This lucrative plan is based on your Sponsorship Organization.

Level Active Members Your Bonus Monthly Earnings
1 4 $86 $110 - $130
2 16 $326 $450 - $500
  • 100 Rapid Rewards Volume (RR)
  • Active Members must also have 100 RR Volume
  • No more than 10 of the Total Qualifying Members may come from one leg on level 2
  • Average Monthly Earning represents a combined total of all commission streams. Your results may vary

As shown in the chart above, those 4 ‘personally sponsored’ Members allow you to qualify for an $86 bonus over and above all other commissions you earn. Most people earn over $100 per month with just 4 Members in their organization through this powerful plan. It’s like getting your own product order for FREE every month.

(Do this in your first 60 days and you’ll also earn an exclusive Xooma watch as a bonus gift*.) Then, you simply help those 4 personally sponsored Members duplicate your efforts. Once you have 16 qualified Members on the second level of your Sponsorship Organization, you’ll earn a $326 cumulative Rapid Rewards bonus ($86 for Level 1 plus an additional $240 for Level 2) over and above all other commissions you earn.

At this point you’ll have 20 active Members in your organization. The average person earns up to $500 per month from just this small amount of effort! (Do this in your first 90 days and you’ll also receive a name brand computer tablet as a bonus gift*.)
*Please see rapid rewards incentive program for full details.

* Income Disclaimer: As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual efforts to build and grow a Xooma business. There are guarantees and assurances concerning the level of success and income you may experience. Your ability to attain the results shown in this example will be dependent on the time, energy and efforts you devote to your business.

Eight Ways to Get Paid