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Regardless of gender, race, social status or educational background, everyone deserves a balanced life filled with the promise of great health and financial abundance.

Since Xooma's very beginning, our focus has always been to be the #1 Wellness Company in the World. Our vision was to never use flashy gimmicks or say whatever it takes to be the biggest, but instead, create a sustainable system in which our products and our people never compromise integrity in being the best.

“Changing the Health of a Generation” is more than just a slogan for our Company. It's a mission statement created by our founder and CEO, Ron Howell, with the universal goal of making current and future generations all across this wonderful planet that we share, physically and financially healthier.

Consider this your personal invitation to join us on this incredible journey. On behalf of Ron Howell, our dedicated Executive Team and the tens-of-thousands of independent distribution partners that call Xooma home, we are solidly committed to doing our part to help you live a healthier, longer, more productive and financially prosperous life. Perhaps that's why so many people refer to Xooma as The Place To Finish. Welcome to what may be the most transformational experience of your life.

Ron Howell, President, CEO

With over 30 years of diversified leadership experience, Ron Howell is Owner and Chief Executive Officerof Xooma Worldwide with its global headquarters in Hampton, Virginia.

Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Management from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the Sellinger School of Business and Management at Loyola College, Ron is highly regarded as a foremost authority in Business and Marketing.

Ron served in the U.S. Marine Corps and is currently a keynote speaker, philanthropist and global connector with hundreds of thousands of people across 5 continents. He has distinguished himself in various businesses and held executive positions in various industries including real estate, distribution, national and international sales, wholesale and retail marketing, financial services and has also held Senior VP, President and CEO positions in national and international direct selling companies.

Ron's ongoing commitment to make a positive and lasting difference in people's lives resulted in a mission to Change the Health of a Generation – both physically and financially. Watching his own life change from what he wanted, needed or had to have (monetary success) to his purpose, passion and legacy (lasting significance) serves as his personal quest to help others pursue and accomplish more in their personal lives… no matter what age, skill or background.

Zack Howell, Chief Operations Officer

Prior to joining Xooma's Executive Team, Zack spent four years working in various sales, marketing, and information technology management roles at corporate giant, Black & Decker.

Zack oversaw many high impact projects for the DEWALT brand of Black & Decker products including the launch of www.dewalt.com and www.dewaltservicenet.com, which combined had memberships of over 1 million customers and were responsible for generating nearly 15 million dollars in annual sales for the company. He also he spearheaded the Customer Service / Mail Order and e-Business departments of Black & Decker's Product Service Division.

As one of the founding members of the Xooma Executive Team, Zack has played an integral role in the development of the company's overall growth and expansion strategies. Strong ability to improve day-to-day operations through the use of technology, targeted marketing campaigns, and change management processes are core components of Zack's expertise and business acumen. From the design and implementation of Xooma's industry leading prosperity plan, creation of a world-class internet and social marketing presence, and to the launch of “category creator” products such as FocusUP and Xooma Blast, Zack's fingerprints are on every aspect of the Xooma Experience.

Zack received his Bachelor of Science degree from Towson University's College of Business and Economics, majoring in Business Administration. He has also served on Towson University's e-Business Advisory Board with some of the top business leadership in the Baltimore, MD area. Zack is married to his high school sweetheart, Alison and together they are enjoying the continuing and rewarding “life-education” that they receive daily through their three children.

Ken Marsh, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Ken has been recognized as a leading speaker and trainer in both the corporate and Direct Selling industry. With over 22 years of sales and marketing experience in various industries, Ken brings a host of talents to the Xooma Executive Team. Having worked as a top-level manager within the prestigious Nightingale-Conant Corporation, Ken's passion for empowering people inspired him to create audio programs and educational seminars for growth-minded business owners.

Prior to joining the Xooma Executive Team, Ken served as the President of a well-established company which specialized in developing successful marketing, training, and business expansion systems for thousands of home-based business owners. Ken holds a Degree in Marketing from Moraine Valley College and invests over 100 hours annually to his own personal development in the areas of communication, marketing, and nutritional research.

Ken is originally from Chicago and married to his high school sweetheart. In addition to his role in Xooma, Ken is a fan and owner of classic & performance cars and loves to seek out new adventures wherever he travels in the world.

Gus Zader, Chief Technical Officer

Gus Zader brings over 20 years of technology and communications experience to Xooma. Prior to joining Xooma's Executive Team, Gus served as the Vice President of Web Development for Growzone, Inc. - a provider to the green industry for both businesses and consumers. His work with Growzone was recognized by Dun and Bradstreet as one of the Top 201 "Business to Business" Exchanges for 2001.

For many years Gus was the Chief Technical Officer and co-owner of WyomingNetwork, Inc. - a community-based portal system for the state of Wyoming. Under his tenure, WyomingNetwork served over 100,000 Internet users daily and garnered national and international media attention for their accomplishments.

Today Gus is responsible for and oversees the entire programming and technology components that run Xooma's day-to-day operations.

Terry Poplawski, Customer Service Manager

Terry Poplawski has 30+ years in Customer Service and Executive Management. She began working for McDonald's at an early age as a french fry cook. Over the next 26 years with McDonald's, she rose in rank to executive management. For the last 10 years of her time with McDonald's, Terry worked as a consultant with private franchise owners.

She was responsible for opening 18 additional locations in Virginia. When the McDonald's corporate office closed in Virginia, Terry chose to stay with her family who were all located in Hampton Roads.

Terry directly attributes the skill sets she built through years of hard work with McDonald's to helping other companies create success. One example was helping a company she worked for grow from $700,000 in annual revenues to over $1,300,000 annually – in under 16 months.

The reason for Terry's success and love of Customer Service is due to her ‘Golden Rule'. She believes if you take care of people who work for you, they will take care of the customer. Terry has been an enormous asset to Xooma and our Members as Customer Service Manager.

Kaitlyn West, Accounting Manager

With years of experience in various accounting roles, Kaitlyn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Xooma Team in overseeing our financial operations.

She comes from a background in the law field and has acquired a unique skillset, allowing her to combine strong attention to detail and time efficiency in support of Xooma’s long-term strategic plan. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Liberty University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Accounting in hopes of acquiring her CPA.

Kaitlyn was born and raised in Hampton Roads and is married to her high school sweetheart. They have two young children together and a houseful of animals to keep them busy.

Ligaya "Liggy" Blough, Brand Manager

Liggy first joined Xooma Worldwide in the Summer of 2005 as the first full-time member of the Member Services team. She brought in with her a diverse background working with healthcare professionals in various settings. Fueled by her drive to help more people with healthy lifestyle choices, Xooma's mission to “Change the Health of a Generation' is the perfect match for her passion. Liggy has diligently worked behind the scenes with every department in Xooma's corporate umbrella, lending her expertise and talents to practically every niche at Xooma Corporate.

In conjunction with our Sales & Marketing team, Liggy has helped grow and engage Xooma's audience on Facebook, Twitter, Ning (Xooma's own privately-branded social network), and more. In-house and on the web, she continues to incorporate art and design skills she gained in her college studies and retail merchandising experience to create and share meetings, events, product and health information.

Her ability to blend a creative-eye with years of company knowledge and direct Member experiences position her as the perfect brand ambassador for Xooma.

Married to a US Navy veteran for over 22 years with whom she shares two grown children and four furry family members, Liggy enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking and engaging in many creative activities like blogging, poetry, photography, and painting.

Executive Team

  • Ron Howell,
    President, CEO

  • Zack Howell,
    Chief Operations

  • Ken Marsh,
    Vice President
    Sales & Marketing

  • Gus Zader,
    Chief Technical Officer

  • Terry Poplawski,
    Customer Service

  • Kaitlyn West
    Accounting Manager

  • Ligaya "Liggy"
    Blough, Brand

Experienced & Committed Executive Team

Since Xooma's very beginning, our focus has always been to be the #1 Wellness Company in the World. Our vision was to never use flashy gimmicks or say whatever it takes to be the biggest, but instead, create a sustainable system in which our products and our people never compromise integrity in being the best.

“Changing the Health of a Generation” is more than just a slogan for our Company. It's a mission statement created by our founder and CEO, Ron Howell, with the universal goal of making current and future generations all across this wonderful planet that we share, physically and financially healthier.

Consider this your personal invitation to join us on this incredible journey. On behalf of Ron Howell, our dedicated Executive Team and the tens-of-thousands of independent distribution partners that call Xooma home, we are solidly committed to doing our part to help you live a healthier, longer, more productive and financially prosperous life. Perhaps that's why so many people refer to Xooma as The Place To Finish. Welcome to what may be the most transformational experience of your life.

Stephen "Bodey" Fox

International Director Stephen "Bodey" Fox has been with Xooma Worldwide since September 2010. Having a passion for helping people, he was the recipient of the prestigious "President's Award" at Xooma's August 2015 Global Launch event of a revolutionary new marketing platform.

More recently, Bodey has joined Xooma's Million Dollar Earners Club. Not only does Bodey love the products, he enjoys the people and the freedom – the time freedom to be able to do the things that most people (who work "9-5") can't enjoy.

Bodey shares that he's been in the "people business" for a long time – the Direct Selling Industry – for over 34 years of his life. Bodey started in commission-based jobs at the age of 18 and spent the vast majority of years in the Direct Sales Industry.

Bodey shares Xooma's message with everyone he comes into contact with, from the product side to the business side. He enjoys helping people, and the personal touch lets someone know you care about them, what their needs are, and what they want to do.

Denson Taylor

Senior Director Denson Taylor has been with Xooma Worldwide since February 2011. Denson is one of the most respected Million Dollar Earners in the Direct Selling Industry. He has achieved great success in the past, earning several thousand dollars each month.

He now refers to Xooma as his "home" and as "The Place to Finish."

Recognized as one of the top leaders in Xooma, Denson is building a growing team. Denson has also earned a car bonus, pictured here with Xooma's President & CEO, Ron Howell, next to his Mercedes S550.

He is part of Xooma's Million Dollar Earners Club. And Denson continues to meet and inspire people around the country, sharing Xooma's mission and teaching others how to achieve their dreams.

Darryl Cooper

Senior Manager Darryl Cooper has been with Xooma Worldwide since September 2010. Initially a high school teacher for many years, Darryl later became a successful traditional business owner. Then he discovered the Direct Selling Industry.

Since that time, Darryl has been passionate about sharing Xooma with everyone he meets. He continues to share the powerful and positive impact of Xooma's products on people's personal health and how to build wealth through its financial opportunity.

Ronnie Webb

Executive Vice President Ronnie Webb is a top-ranking member at Xooma Worldwide. Joining in July 2010, Ronnie Webb has traveled more highways and states in that time than most people have in a lifetime.

Ronnie has worked hard to get where he is today, and that dedication continues.

When Ronnie first discovered Xooma Worldwide, he visited the global headquarters for a short meeting on Monday and ended up staying the entire week. After learning about the company, Ronnie's partnering with Xooma began with his own weight loss journey. After living a lifestyle of fast food and (daily) liters of diet soda, he lost over 100 pounds within his first year with Xooma by using Xooma's products and modifying his lifestyle. But it didn't end there.

Ronnie has taken Xooma's product knowledge and unprecedented business opportunity and developed their own success formula. Ronnie is part of Xooma's Million Dollar Earners Club, and continues to place amongst the top sponsors each year in the company. As he travels around the country – and world – they are sharing Xooma's message and mission with people of all walks of life.

Dr. Anthony Stroman

National Manager Dr. Anthony Stroman has been with Xooma Worldwide since October 2013. A professional speaker, presenter and coach, Dr. Stroman has spent time with top performance coaches like Les Brown.

He has had his own financial university and also conducts Health Education Seminars around the country, including his program entitled "Healing is Easy for the Kingdom."

Dr. Stroman's mission is to help even more people grow their Xooma businesses while reaching their health and wealth goals. With roots in the faith-based and financial communities, he has conducted seminars across North America with all types of community organizations and non-profit and for-profit businesses. Dr. Stroman coninues to expand his Xooma health and wealth seminars, programs and presentations across the country.

Fueled by his desire to transform people's lives in three major areas – financial freedom, health freedom, and time freedom – Dr. Stroman is on a mission to help millions of people discover Xooma. His impact is exemplified by receiving one of Xooma's "Top Sponsor" awards in 2015. Most recently he was presented with the 2018 Community Impact Award.

Tim Dominey

International Director Tim Dominey has been with Xooma Worldwide for 3 years, bringing with him decades of experience in the Direct Selling Industry. Upon graduating from Valdosta State University, the Atlanta Hawks drafted Tim #130 out of a total of 211 picks in the NBA Draft.

Today, you can find Tim's name in the Valdosta State University Sports Hall of Fame.

Tim entered corporate America, applying his Business Management & Marketing degree from VSU, and spent 25 years working his way up the corporate ladder in a very successful business career. In the 1980's, he had also begun working in the Direct Sales Industry.

And by the early 2000's, Tim went on to build a team consisting of thousands of people. He has been a key public speaker and trainer at many national seminars and conventions.

Tim understands life is all about relationships. He is grateful for his relationships close to home and across the country, thanks to his extended Xooma family. Tim was one of the fastest Xooma Members in history to rise to the rank of National Director.

Because of his successful track record in the Direct Sales Industry, Tim is contacted often about new opportunities. His favorite response to these invitations is, "I've already found what you're looking for!"

Linda Rogers Brown

International Director Linda Rogers Brown is an Independent Certified Life Coach, Business Coach, Teacher, Speaker and Founding Partner with The John Maxwell Team, Author, and a Certified Christian Counselor with the American Association of Christian Counselors.

She works hard to discover what is most important in the lives of others. Linda designs plans to help them achieve their goals, works to eliminate any obstacles that stand in their way, and partners with them all the way to success.

Linda joined Xooma in June 2011. In December 2016, she was the recipient of Xooma's annual "President's Award," based on her ongoing commitment and unrelenting dedication in her Xooma business and in support of her Xooma team.

She has also received the 2018 Top Sponsor Award and the 2018 Community Impact Award.

With more than 35 years of public speaking and sales experience, Linda is helping others by sharing her personal health transformation through Xooma's health and wellness products and unmatched business opportunity.

And she is succeeding in helping people create better lives physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally.

Susie Keehner

International Manager Susie Keehner has been with Xooma Worldwide since August 2011. She is a member of one of Xooma's fastest-growing teams and one of Xooma's most engaged leaders.

You can also find Susie greeting Members and opening Xooma's Wednesday night "Catch The Wave" corporate conference calls. Most recently, Susie was presented the 2018 Lighthouse Leadership Award.

Susie shares that it seems crazy that some people feel spending 2 to 5 years in business (in the Direct Selling Industry) is a long time to get rich, but don't feel that 40 years at a job is a long time to stay broke. She continues putting forth consistent and diligent efforts, supporting and building her team and expanding their efforts into a national – and international – reach.

As one of Xooma's greatest champions, Susie helps increase awareness of how Xooma's products have positively transformed people's health, including her own family members, to how it has transformed their personal wealth. Susie walks her talk, and lives by one of Zig Ziglar's most famous quotes, "You can get what you want by helping other people get what they want."

Leadership Team

  • Ronnie Webb

  • Denson Taylor

  • Stephen 'Bodey' Fox

  • Tim Dominey

  • Linda Rogers Brown

  • Darryl Cooper

  • Dr. Anthony Stroman

  • Susie Keehner

Xooma's Leadership continues to hit new heights and reach new milestones.

Xooma's Leadership continues to hit new heights and reach new milestones. These individuals and their teams have set a goal to make Xooma and our products a household name.

Their guidance has introduced this incredible opportunity to numerous markets and countless individuals, many of whom are finding their own financial freedom through Xooma.

Our Leadership has often referred to Xooma as "The Place To Finish". With over a decade in the industry, they know what many others are now discovering – The Xooma opportunity is real, duplicatable, and attainable for everyone.

"True Leaders don't create followers, they create Leaders."

Henriette Alban, ND

Born and raised in Switzerland by health conscious parents, Dr. Henriette Alban, ND grew up using natural ways to achieve and maintain well-being.

Building on this foundation from her youth, Henriette moved to New York City where she studied and received certifications in Shiatsu and Swedish massage therapy, as well as digestive and colon health therapies.

She also became a researcher in vitamins, nutrition and hormone health – all of which was very helpful after she gave birth to a beautiful son whose allergies led to life-threatening asthma.

While watching the ineffectiveness of the medical system in healing her son, she intensified her studies of the holistic field to avert the awful effects of asthma. Founding a group for parents of asthmatic children in NYC, she brought in experts in the field and offered much needed nutritional advice to parents who were challenged by how to take care of their asthmatic children.

Combining her 20 years of studies, Henriette Alban pursued and was awarded a Diploma of Doctor of Naturopathy from the Trinity School of Natural Health in 1997. The same year she opened her private practice in Maryland, with the intent of helping people in the community to eat better and learn how to heal themselves and their families.

Almost immediately she began holding classes, lectures, and workshops. Thus, she brought to reality her desire to be a beneficial presence in the world. Henriette, now in Reading, PA opened her practice Living in Balance in 2004.

As part of Xooma's Advisory Board, Dr. Alban brings years of experience and a variety of modalities to support her work in helping others create positive changes in their health and their lives. This is coupled by a strong sense of quality and integrity in formulations and a desire to assist Xooma in making products as pure and effective as possible.

Dr. Michael Angelo Triglia
A.A.S., B.S., D.C.

Dr. Triglia has been in private practice for over 30 years. As an entrepreneur he knows the value of diversification.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic for over 30 years he has also been involved for that long or longer in the health and wellness and motivation industry. As a Christian he attempts to look at all areas of life through the lens of the word of God. Dr. "T" states that is the most important center piece of his life that keeps him highly motivated to do his very best daily.

Dr. Triglia is President/Founder/CEO of Peninsula Chiropractic Center, ISOROBIC Life Improvement Center, Fitness Motivation Institute of America, and Bushin Kai Martial Arts Academywhere he holds a Sixth DegreeBlack belt as well as black belts in four other martial arts.

About 15 years ago, he had a friend who asked him to accompany him to Hampton, Virginia to take a close look at XOOMA Worldwide. After hearing people like President and CEO Ron Howell, and members of the Executive Team including Ken Marsh, Zack Howell, and Erick Stinger, he said, "I realized I may be a Doctor but knew I had more to learn about water, pH, and the power of healing!" Xooma's mission was so appealing that he decided to join the team and is very happy he did. Xooma's many multifaceted products have been a part of his and his patient's daily life ever since.

Dr. Melissa Bennett, ND

Melissa Bennett, ND is the owner of The Olive Leaf, LLC which is an integrated practice in Alpharetta, Georgia. She is also the Naturopathic provider of New Vitality Medical Institute's age-management program.

Melissa Bennett, ND, CTN, CNW is Certified as a Traditional Naturopath through the American Naturopathic Certification Board. She is board certified in Nutritional Wellness and has completed her accreditation as a health partner in predictive medicine through Emory University. She is also a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors through Liberty University.

Melissa Bennett, ND is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and is skilled in the Zollinger method of reflexology from the Heal Center. A devotee of the science of blood type, she is an IfHI Master – earning her designation under the guidance of Dr. Peter D'Adamo. Melissa focuses on total wellness and prevention. Her mission is to help people achieve optimal health and Xooma's products help her fulfill that mission. She serves on two scientific advisory boards and enjoys providing educational health lectures.

Melissa personally recognizes that all aspects of health care serve a constructive purpose. In 2000, she was diagnosed with breast cancer on her 33rd birthday. She underwent two years of chemotherapy and 46 radiation treatments.

In part from this experience, Melissa is an advocate of integrated healthcare and knows what it feels like to be sick and the blessing of being healthy. She believes true health is achieved when your Spiritual, Emotional and Physical states are in harmony. She also believes our Lord is the true Healer and He will direct you if you place your trust under His guidance.

Scientific Advisory Team

  • Henriette Alban, ND

  • Dr. Michael Angelo
    A.A.S., B.S., D.C.

  • Dr. Melissa
    Bennett, ND

Scientific Advisory Board

In support of "Changing the Health of a Generation," Xooma Worldwide's Scientific Advisory Board assists the company in product research and development along with educational support for tens of thousands of Members around the world.

Our Board is made up of well-respected health professionals and educators who were specially selected by Xooma's Executive Team. This team of professionals provides education and guidance on health-related topics and proven nutritional applications for prevention and optimal health support.

With different backgrounds and experiences, these experts represent more than 110 years of combined knowledge. Yet, all the members of Xooma's Scientific Advisory Board have one common trait – an intimate knowledge of Xooma's product line and a sincere passion to help people enjoy more abundant health and help fulfill Xooma's mission.